Medical – Fiber Optic Cable Connection

Vista Clinical, a clinical laboratory serving long-term care facilities, physician practices, and walk-in urgent care facilities, was looking for high bandwidth fiber optic connection for newly acquired co-location space for their private cloud environment.

To meet this need, TruPoint was able to source a 100M fiber connection at 25% lower cost than the other options they had received from the direct carrier sales reps they had already engaged with.

Once the data center connectivity was in place, TruPoint designed a Multi-state layer 2 network to connect their laboratory facilities with the data center to ensure high quality, high speed private connections to their cloud infrastructure.

Happy with such good results, Vista Clinical employed TruPoint as their telecom source for every new blood collection center that they acquired and opened. TruPoint’s Customer Service Team worked with the IT staff to establish a standardized formula and acts as the single resource for carrier services at all new sites. This approach saved approximately 10 hours of their IT director’s time on every site they open, as well as guaranteeing that they are getting the best possible rate for each of their sites.

TruPoint has also sourced and deployed a cloud-based fax solution which facilitated the organizations move toward a paperless environment and has allowed the company to disconnect more than 40 analog lines, saving the company several hundred dollars per month and improving employee productivity.

John’s team at Trupoint Communications has made my life as an I/T administrator, over multiple area for a growing company, much easier. His team is very knowledgeable, has reach across all geographic areas, has multiple types of technology, and multiple companies.
John Ohlwiler, I/T Director, Vista Clinical Diagnostics, LLC