Retail – Low Cost Cable Connection

Growth is generally a good situation. As business grows, though, so must your telecom service. PCMD Management Group, better known as Subway, was originally referred to TruPoint because it had outgrown the bandwidth capabilities of their T1 services at their corporate office.

As a solution, TruPoint sourced a high speed, low cost cable connection to be used as the primary data connection. This increased their connection speed 10-fold from their previous experience.

TruP0int also discovered that they were using a combination of cable service, DSL service, analog phone lines and five different service providers for 32 Subway store locations. TruPoint was able to source a custom deployment with one of the cable providers that could service 90% of their stores through a single provider, and increased bandwidth speed at 75% of their locations. This solution also reduced their monthly cost by $30,000+ annually.

PCMD also benefits from a standardized solution and single source for any new store locations that they acquire or need to open saving them approximately 4-6 hours of soft cost on every new store deployment.