Distribution – Reduce Telecom Costs

Looking to improve reliability and reduce telecom costs? So was Fulmer Logistics Services when they approached TruPoint. Fulmer was built around providing great customer service and considers themselves a one-call solution to all logistics needs: multi-mode transportation, warehousing, and full-service supply chain analysis. But Fulmer’s telecom system was neither logistically efficient nor customer service friendly.

Fulmer was using a mix of T1, cable modem, DSL and analog services for six locations throughout the U.S. Fulmer was also having serious issues with customer service, receiving more than 15 invoices per month and was considering a PBX replacement.

TruPoint was able to design a single-provider voice, internet and phone system solution using Fiber and T1 services, and a private VOIP PBX. The network significantly improved reliability across all sites, provided for a single invoice across all locations, and reduced their monthly telecom costs by more than 20%. Additionally, TruPoint has provided an additional layer of support on all move, add, change, billing and service requests which has significantly improved the customer experience.

About one year later, TruPoint sourced and administers a cloud-based fax service for Fulmer which allows their employees to receive faxes directly at their desktop and has allowed Fulmer to disconnect more than eight fax lines, further reducing telecom costs. This has increased employee productivity and centralized fax administration for the customer.

John Berardi and his company TruPoint were very helpful in the design and implementation of a network system including phones and faxes for our company. He helped us reduce cost significantly and provided excellent customer service during the setup as well as maintaining the network. I would highly recommend John and his company.
James Medlock, Chief Financial Officer, Fulmer Logistics Services, Inc.