Manufacturing – Reduce Telecom Expenses

Orthomerica Products, is a manufacturer and worldwide leader of customizable orthotic solutions. Originally, Orthomerica sought out TruPoint in an effort to reduce telecom expenses.

TruPoint was also able to centrailize Orthomerica’s phone and internet services under a single carrier, simplifying their telecom situation. TruPoint deployed a Fiber- and T1-based MPLS network for their 7 sites located throughout the U.S. By negotiating with the provider on the client’s behalf, TruPoint was able to gain unique and favorable terms with the provider which allowed them to cancel a portion of their agreement when they sold five of their remote offices within the original three year term without penalty. TruPoint also deployed a unique business continuity solution for Orthmerica’s call center operations.

When the client’s initial contract expired, their business needs had changed and they were in need of a live/live environment for disaster recovery. TruPoint further helped them source co-location space in an Orlando based data center and renegotiated their telecom service agreements based on their newly defined needs. TruPoint was able to negotiate a 250M layer2 fiber network with burstable capability between their facility and the data center as well as a 100M fiber internet connection within their existing price point.