Business is moving to the cloud. Do you have a cloud strategy for your business? Whether you simply want a hosted phone solution, need a cloud based disaster recovery solution, or want the flexibility of cloud based servers, TruPoint will help you navigate the myriad of options available and provide the ongoing support your company needs.

Cloud Phone

Whether you have a distributed workforce, want your phones to integrate with your cloud CRM, or want a managed phone solution as an operational expense, hosted phone solutions can be a great option for your business.  With increased reliability, tremendous flexibility, and competitive pricepoints hosted phone is becoming the new go to solution for business of all sizes. TruPoint represents approximately 20 different cloud phone providers so we have the right solution for you, regardless of business size or specific application.

Cloud Computing

Tired of having to refresh your company PCs and servers every few years? By moving your data applications to the cloud you can stay current with technology advances and scale up/down quickly in a fully redundant environment all at a predictable monthly investment. TruPoint has carefully selected our cloud infrastructure partners to ensure data security, flexibility, and the most competitive prices.
Neo Nova Network Service

Data Center

If you need to centralize your servers or provide disaster proof access to your employees and clients, then deploying a private cloud may be the right solution for your business. The TruPoint team has helped numerous companies source the right digital fortress for their servers. Let us do the same for you.

Cloud Collaboration

Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing are essential tools that allow your company to collaborate more effectively, increase your sales reach, and provide centralized training for your stakeholders. However, not all solutions are created equally making it imperative to work with an experienced company such as TruPoint.  We work with most major cloud providers to offer cost effective and feature rich solutions for your collaboration needs.

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